Tony Valentine Gets Funny

tony valentine reviewTony Valentine takes things at his own pace and delivers. “Get Down with Big Daddy” featuring Sir Bishop has a mid-tempo beat and is an okay party starter. Then you get to “Water Boy” and you think that Tony Valentine has something for Adam Sandler. This track, a little more hype than the last, clearly shouts out the Sandler classic while the other one just had a movie title in its own. We get away from the comedy inspired tracks and roll up on “She Say” and we take it back down and move it slow, but this time it’s a sensual slow. Then we’re back up a bit for what’s one of the best from Valentine, “Mr. U Can Do It.” Things take a sensitive turn with “Fairy Tale” and then we wrap up the party kind of on the same page we started as far as pace is concerned with “Heart of Thangs.” If you like hip hop that is a chill time, check out Tony Valentine. (

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