glenn waco reviewGlenn Waco’s “NorthBound” is truly an experience if you love and appreciate well thought out hip hop. “Interstate” spits out a story while bringing the feel of the streets but with a sense of class. The way the words come through have a great structure to them. The same can be said for “Bottle N’ A Sac” featuring Blakk Soul and produced nicely bu Lunch Time Legends. When you get to “Gutterball” is gets a little weird. This one verged on weird mixed with scary. Things pick back up with “Third Eye” and continues to do so with Tiara Monique and their “Summer Madness.” This track takes it slow, but it’s creamy delivery cannot be touched. What’s great about “Paradise” featuring the Nate Dogg sounding Mic Capes is that it has a social message to it and really reaches high to be heard loud and clear. If you’re into hip hop that has a backbone and brain, check out Glenn Waco’s “NorthBound.” (

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