Page and Powers: The Sky Is Where You Fly

Page and Powers ReviewPage and Powers’ “The Sky is Where You Fly” has more heart than a cardiologists office. The record opens up with the title track.  It’s a positive message surrounded by a chill beat. It’s not uncommon to hear a love song in hip hop, but it’s not the norm on every album. That’s where Page and Powers differs with “Beautiful You Face.” It’s sweet and sentimental and a new side to get to know. That sentiment continues out throughout and then there’s a special shout out to the parents out there. “Remembered Always” stands out for the subject matter – most definitely. It’s interesting to hear a song about mothers and fathers. Usually it’s one or the other, or neither. All in all, this is now a hip hop record that has street cred in mind. There’s a lack of club hits, curse words and aggression – but it’s hip hop – just on a different page. It’s written with heart and is a delight. if you like your rap with some feelings, check out Page and Powers’s “The Sky is Where You Fly,” out now. (

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