SOL4RSYST3M ReviewSOL4RSYST3M has three sides to show you today “Selling Dream$” lyrically showcases what people go through when they fall on hard times. It’s a true sentiment to the reality that people face on an everyday basis; not everyone is born with luck on their side. It’s like a new, more hip hop version of that one City High track from back in the day – “What Would You Do?” With “Boulevard,” that universal feel isn’t as present as the last, but what is there is the chilled factor. The beat is calm, but the rhymes are rapid. Lastly, “D33P Inside” comes across a little hostile but in a low key way. He sounds as aggressive as one could be with a slowed down track. If you’re a fan of Dizzy Wright and Young Jeezy, check out SOL4RSYST3M today. (

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