Official G.A.R.: Mr. Altamirano

official g.a.r. reviewOfficial G.A.R. has a lot to offer but we’re going to focus on his record “Mr. Altamirano.” “Run This City” breaks down what it takes to have a firm grasp on your city. It comes at you with a rapid fire delivery at times but there is a fair balance. I like how “Versace Control” grabs your attention in the intro and then how it comes to a halt and transforms into a song that sounds anew. It was hard to get into “In The Cut” because the beat just wasn’t as attention holding as some of the others. The lyrics were tight but the beat, no so much. I’d like to hear this spit out freestyle. With “Thomas Aquinas” you get a little experimental side from Official G.A.R. It sounds weird and out of character, ironically enough it sounds like he is playing someone else. Stepping away from that we got “3AM In Dallas.” This track takes us back to why we like this emcee. It has a fast approach and comes across as fresh. If you need some new hip hop in your collection, check out Official G.A.R.’s “Mr. .Altamirano,” out now. (

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