Pace Yourself for Dubbstyle

dubbstyle reviewDubbstyle comes at you from College Station and does it so at his own pace. “Take a Chance” kicks things off for us nice and slow. The flow is not over the top and it actually sounds like it could be a R&B track due to the music but you can hear that hip hop flow just fine in the delivery. This style seems to just be how Dubbstyle rolls because you get the same thing more or less with “Life on Hold.” Although it sounds similar, the story is different than the last. I do like that we got something a with a little more energy with “Thugs Repent” but it wasn’t too much. He keeps true to who he is while switching it up just a bit. But then we get to “Do It 2 ‘Em” and here something out of the ordinary we’ve come to know as Dubbstyle. This one is more aggressive and in your face than the others. The same can be said of “Smash on Em.” Then we head out on “Fadin.'” This song takes us back to the point where we started; chilled hip hop. In the end I have to say that I like when he keeps things relaxed. It helps you really hear the lyrics and take them in. If you’re a fan of rappers who know how to really tell a story, check out Dubbstyle today. (

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