Norm All Dramatics’ Dorm Room Appeal

norm-all-dramatic-reviewNorm All Dramatic consists of a pair of brothers from Ohio who would definitely win a beer pong championship with their hip hop skills. “Closet Freaks” sounds like the kind of hip hop that teenage boys flock to and continue to sing along to up until they’re frat boys with Solo cups. It’s a bit on the freaky side and has a little comical feel to it. “Altered Mind” changes things up a bit and takes it a bit serious. It was a nice dynamic change from the first to that one. “First Date” takes it back to that Frat rap vibe. So it seems to be a back and forth between taking it up and then bringing it back to the Frat demographic — which isn’t a bad thing. Look at what Asher Roth was able to do back in the day. If you like indie emcees, check out Norm All Dramatic. (

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