Collaborated Mindz, Inc. Bring It All Together

collaborated-minz-reviewCollaborated Mindz, Inc. is made up of of four men; Johnny B.O.W., Mr. Precise, Case Dub/C.Killa and Spank Black. Apart they would still be great MCs, always looking to perfect their craft in any way, but together they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to remixes, songs about the ladies and ones that are just about keeping it real. We Turned Up is literal and it starts off sort of slow, but then ends up amped up by the end. Each word an acceleration. Stop, Drop  and Girlfriend are the ones about the ladies in Collaborated Mindz, Incs lives. Stop, Drop is about making that booty move and Girlfriend is what happens once the booty has been moved into the bedroom. Too Cool For me is not too cool to get a shout out for it being a song that everyone can enjoy, as is the family inspired For My Bredren. Pedal to Da Metal caps things off in the best way. It is a song about giving everything your all and never backing down. That is a perfect way to end your time with Collaborated Mindz, Inc. because you know that even when your time ends, they will be back to bring your more time and time again.

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