bravo-jackson-reviewBravo Jackson simply goes by Bravo and comes from the Lone Star state down in Dallas. He’s a young guy who has major chops and showcases it for all to see. You have to to be a little cocky to make it because there are a million other cats out there doing what you’re doing. Bravo knows this and showcases that in his song “My Show” very well. He goes as far as to crown himself in “King Bravo.” Hey, it never hurts to rein supreme — only this one’s more about a girl when it starts out. It’s fast and covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. “Callin Me” is one of those songs that plays and you just let it keep going on in a loop. It’s catchy and makes you move. Even those with no rhythm will like this one. Bravo is appropriately named and if you want to know why check him out now. (

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