Nate B. Collaborates It Up

Nate B. ReviewNate B. comes at you using the power of collaborations. “Dreamer” featuring J-Dwb is a very demure track that’s sets the base for Nate B.’s whole persona. He tells his start and from there it’s all the other parts of his story. Rich Deezy hops on “Best of Me” and this one turns it up just a little bit compared to the last one. This one’s a more universal track and less personal. You’ll soon come to realize that Nate loves to collaborate and on “Gettin’ Smashed” he works with Sass, as he does on “Sounds In the Street.” Both capture a good vibe and showcase a lot of rhyming skills. Actually, Nate B. works a lot with Sass, so it’s in your best interest to get in tune with Sass as well. They work well together and are pretty much a well packaged item. If you’re into well made hip hop that covers all the bases, check out Nate B. and all his friends now. (

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