Down in Florida Buckwild does his thing and keeps it street and real. As “Dope Boy Dreams” you feel like you’re in a few different tracks. In four minutes it goes from a sing-along fashion to a very serious tone by the end. It always circles back to where it began but after a while you get the jist of it. “Mighty Deadly” starts with a nice sounding intro matched with a radio like monologue. The Buckwild comes in and breaks that nice sound with an aggressive impression. “We Made It” may be the best one from Buckwild. It’s got this great pace that makes you bounce with an intensity. Well I said that and then in walked “Fuck Fame.” This one really questions the idea of fame and music and really makes you think while still being entertaining. In the end all you can do with anything though is “Keep It Real” and that’s just what Buckwild does, not only in this track but all around. If you’re into street hip hop then you have got to do yourself a favor and get wild with Buckwild. (

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