Identity Crisis: The Passion of the Crisis

Identity Crisis ReviewIdentity Crisis’ “The Passion of the Crisis” puts actual thought to the hip hop genre. “Air Raid” is definitely a different take on hip hop. It’s not about the typical topics you’d find in that genre. It has a more world news aspect to it. That one was a bit intense as far as content and delivery, but “Kill Em With Kindness” comes across more laid back in the sense that you don’t feel under musical attack. It’s about living in “harmony” so it makes sense. Somewhere between those two sits “House of Pain.” It’s not abrasive nor is it demure. It serves up something that feels just right. When it comes to the best of the best on “The Passion of the Crisis,” it might just be “Win or Lose” thanks to the feminine hook. If you’re in the market for conscience hip hop, look no further because you’ve found your new favorite with Identity Crisis. (

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