movie-reviewIt’s always something different from your main man Movie. “I Would Neva” has a dark feel to it. The music has a hood vibe and the delivery bursts with intimidation. A movie scene, very appropriate for this artists name, starts out “Mad Huh.” This one has more of a mainstream feel of the last thanks to the hook like part after the monologue. The energy is high with “Medicated,” ironic when you think about it but it works. This one really showcases a different side of Movie. We started out with a very intimidating artist but this one has his guards down and makes you want to get to know him more. Every track takes on a new persona and that continues on with “Rules.” With Smuve on deck we head more towards R&B with “Motion Picture.” This one goes into the pop realm a bit. If you want variety from an emcee, check out Movie now. (

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