HotLanta Gets Hotter with KooZie the #SWEP_R

In the sea of hopefuls KooZie the #SWEP_R rises above with well made R&B and hip hop fusions. “Killin’ Spree” has a very aggressive name but when it starts, that’s not the case at all. It’s more sensual and about a girl and not a street game. LND joins KooZie for “So Sincere” and this one isn’t as sweet at the last and has a more hip hop base but really has a chilled beat. With “Replay” you finally get the sense that KooZie is an artist bred on artists like Usher but with an edge. He can surely sing but can incorporate some street wise to it. That’s more apparent in the fun ways of “Hang Time.” This one shows off the energy that comes with a KooZie track. Then we slow it back down a bit with “Shadow.” Like Usher and Ne-Yo, KooZie the #SWEP_R has managed to find the balance between doing R&B and hip hop and doing them both well. If that’s what you like, that mix, check out Atlanta’s boy now. (

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