Dillin Ickes Proves Himself

Dillin Ickes ReviewWe got a rough start with Dillin Ickes, but he was able to turn it around and make us fans. With the help of J-Real, “The Risk” does very little at the start to get you interested with the tinkle of some keys and an inviting monologue. It has a very slow beat and could be picked up just a bit. He steps it up for “I Can’t Rap” and proves the title wrong. He spits it fast and this is what you want to hear from a young emcee. You want that fire under them in a blaze. That continues on with “East to West.” It’s great that he really stepped it up from where we began and showcased a drive to make it. What’s sick about Ickes and should also be highlighted are his beats as well. Like the ones found on “I Got Swag” and “My Way” featuring Young Frost.” If you’re in the mood for new music in your possession, check out Altoona’s Dillin Ickes. (https://soundcloud.com/icko187)

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