Mista McFly: Fat Fly & Fresh Vol. 2

mista-mcfly-reviewMista McFly’s “Fat Fly & Fresh Vol. 2” is a record chalked full of hits ready to fill a hip hop void in your life. This guy has seen and done some things and he reflects on the hype “Crazy Life.” When it comes to “Pretty Girl” it doesn’t have a pretty base, but it does get the point across as a sort of love song. Then you get the polar opposite with “Pole Patrol” featuring Breeze. It’s actually one of the most fun tracks on the record. The energy never quits and it’s got this exciting factor to it. There are a lot of elements involved that it causes you to always hear something new. While that one’s possibly the go-to, “Hustle All Day” comes close as the anthem of the record. If you’re into hip hop that doesn’t stop, then you have to check out Mista McFly’s “Fat Fly & Fresh Vol. 2.” (https://www.mistamcfly.com/#!home/c1wp0)

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