mista-mutt-reviewMista Mutt plays it cool in his music. “I’m The One” gets you moving from the start and then allows you to groove as he lays down what he has to say like a newlywed couple; nice and slow. Starting with a giggle and a laugh, “Come On Wit It” takes a second or two to get started but once it does it sounds like an old school Snoop song. That’s the feel you’ll get with that one, and with “I Do My Dance” you’ll get served up a case of swag realness. Rounding things out is “It’s Pimpin Over Here” and its the best Mista Mutt has to offer. All the elements are in place and it’s definitely the one with the hook to keep you attached for days. If you like hip hop that has a little cool cat flavor, check out Mista Mutt now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/mistamutt)

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