Mick Cømte: From Nest to Marrow

Mick Cømte ReviewWe start today with “Gypaetus Barbatus” off Mick Cømte’s “From Nest to Marrow.” It’s the first track and takes us into a world that we can only imagine is in a futuristic landscape made of metal where science has completely taken over. It sets the tone as we move on to “Takeichi Nishi” and get introduced to his rhymes. Instead of settling in the street or club, we are more like on a galactic plain. The beats have a unique feel to them. Moving on, “Dreamz” comes in and brings more attitude to the delivery, but it’s still fresh in the vibe. That continues on with more of a hook in “Fvck Molly.” On top of unique beats and sounds, Mick Cømte has enlisted the help of stellar help from Lady A, Riski and more on this album – they’re all tracks to check out. Speaking on, make sure to get your hands and ears on “From Nest to Marrow,” by Mick Cømte – out now. (