phenom reviewPhenom puts his heart and soul into everything he does, music included – and it shows. “A Little” opens with clean lines and a slick feel that makes you think, “Why isn’t this on the radio already?” It’s got this hip hop meets pop feel that makes it fit for the mainstream. In “Feels So Nice,” the intro has a throwback to a saloon in the west, but then it comes into modern times with the rhymes. Being a ’90s kid, I really thought this was going to be a cover of Usher’s “U Make Me Wanna.” Instead it was a song all his own. We started off on a high note and that’s where we’re ending with “Beautiful Symphony.” It’s fresh and has this great, light feel to it. It’s the perfect song to get into as the weather starts to warm up. If you’re a fan of hip hop with a mainstream twist, check out Phenom today! (

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