Keeping it Chill with Screw City Hue

Screw City Hue reviewScrew City Hue is coming straight out of Texas today and bringing the realness. “Audio Dope” is a chill song. It doesn’t ever pop off in any way that’d make you get turnt. It’s just about kicking back and taking it in. The same can be said of “You Know” as well. We heighten things with “Nuclear Bomb” and the energy goes from relaxed to more dramatic as Screw City Hue delivers things in a whole new manner. We takes things back down and have a very serious tone as we head into “John Wick Flow.” What I like about emcees like this is that they don’t play with the trends and do things in a way that showcases who they really are as an artist, and are not just playing a part. If you’re a fan of artists who bring their true self to the table, check out Screw City Hue now. (

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