J-Madic ReviewJ-Madic is coming at you with a couple of mixtapes and a whole lot of talent. “Guap” is a simple song. It’s not hard to learn and the simplicity of it makes it get stuck at the core of your thoughts but it’s not all about the hook. It actually has some pretty interesting choruses that have meaning. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this emcee though as he has a couple of mixtapes under his belt like 2014’s “Madication” that features the likes of the very energetic “No More Hold Ups,” the chill ways of “Encore” as well as the hype of “That Guy.” He also has last year’s “Sick” which has an appearance from Star Money on “Oh Me” as well as the freestylings of “Seen It All” and “Real is Back.” If you’re a fan of artists like Juvenile, check out J-Madic and get some. (https://jmadic2012.wix.com/sbentertainment)

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