Ms. Keshion ReviewMs. Keshion may call Miami home, but her sound sounds like it’s coming from the streets of New York. “Girl to Woman” is a coming of age tale done in a hip hop manner. Every little girl is going to grow up and this is an anthem for that. From Barbies to being grown. The hook shouting out the popular doll is on point. In “Breaking Down” we’re far from where we started. While the first could be likened to something Lil Mama would push out, this one really does sound like the woman of the equation from the first. This track showcases a sense of maturity. Lastly, “Nobody Had Faith” kind of takes the girl and the woman and meets in the middle. The beat has a hint of a youthful presence but Ms. Keshion’s vocals are coming through like a grown woman should. If you’re a fan of artists like Lil Kim and Trina, check out Ms. Keshion. (

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