Method Man – 4:21…The Day After

Method Man  - 4:21...The Day After

Dropping a furious onslaught of amazingly tight hip hop tracks Method Man, from the Wu Tang Clan, dazzles with pure skills and abrasively raw flows that strike hard. Method Man proves his style is so rugged that its perfection that doesn’t need to change over time. 4:21…The Day After is twenty tracks deep, none of which are lackluster or sub par. This album is dynamite, exactly what fans would expect from the talented Method Man and the super talented all-stars that contribute to the shine. The beats are explosively entertaining and very catchy. Every beat featured on the album is phat and packed with head nodding rhythms and interestingly appeasing sounds. Method Man rides the beats perfectly with flawless flow and well refined rhymes. The strongest songs featured on the album include “Problem”, “Dirty Mef”, “Say” and “Konichiwa Bi*ches”. All of the songs are chart toppers, but these are the ones that stand out a sliver beyond the rest. “Problem” is a rugged, hard hitting track that is intense and powerful. “Problem” is like the anthem track burning the torch hot. Loyal fans whom always loved Method Man will love this album. “4:21… the Day After” has the same feel and vibe as any previous Method Man release. It’s refreshing when artists don’t change perfection. Method Man is one of those artists that doesn’t need to change his style because it’s timeless.

Method Man’s lyrics are continuously on point in the songs. He spits rhymes with meaning and messages that fans can tune into and gain enlightenment. The rhymes appeal to a wide fan base as there is something for everyone on this album. Method Man’s rhymes are well written and delivered. The punch lines and metaphorical references are dynamic and thought provoking. Each song featured on this album has substance and will have fans reciting Method Man quotes.

The ailments of this album include the skits and intro track. Fans prefer non stop music and anything less breaks up the flow of the album and hinders loop-listening. Artists try to be creative and convey messages through skits; however, be more creative and convey those same messages through hip hop songs.

The executive producers include RZA, Erick Shermon, and Method Man. Guest appearances include O.D.B., Streetlife, Carlton Fisk, Ginuwine, Raekwon, LA The Darkman, Fat Joe, Styles P, Inspectah Dec, Redman, The RZA, and Megan Rochell. All of the guests contribute pure heat to the album giving fans one million more reasons to get this album. It’s nice to see cameo spots filled by Wu Tang members, including OD.B., who rips it real raw. The album artwork captures the flavor of hip hop and is extremely well done. There is information inside the jacket alongside some nice photos to give fans visuals of the Method Man and his love for the pot. The sound quality is top notch through-out.

This is a hip hop album that fans need to tune into to avoid disappointment. This is mandatory hip hop listening. Featuring approximately sixty minutes of music and twenty tracks, this album offers a ton of tight, hot hip hop music. Get it.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Is It Me

3. Problem

4. Somebody Done F**ked Up

5. Shaolin Soldier (Skit)

6. Fall Out

7. Dirty Mef

8. 4:20

9. Let’s Ride

10. The Glide

11. Kids (Skit)

12. Got To Have It

13. Say

14. Ya’meen

15. Konichiwa Bi*ches

16. Everything

17. Walk On

18. Pimpin’ (Skit)

19. Presidential MC

20. 4 Ever

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