Blind Faith – 49 Stories

Blind Faith - 49 Stories

Blind Faith is a conceptual album that delivers a live pulse through the veins of listener’s world wide. Blind Faith possesses music everyone can relate to, understand, and deeply vibe. 49 Stories forges their own style, without turning off one listener. Powerful music continuously blesses Blind Faith, bringing about real emotions that are deeply felt. If one was to define meaning in hip hop music on a universal level, Blind Faith would sum it up. Blind Faith is everything a hip hop fan could desire in an album. 49 Stories is a highly talented group that easily impresses fans with every word, rhyme, beat, and song.

49 Stories is a progressive hip hop group hailing from Colorado, and consisting of the talented rhyme duo Once, Paradox, and Producer Gollum. Their minds intertwine perfectly in harmony to give life to incredible, intense, thought provoking music. Poetic lyrics, & mood setting, atmospheric beats set the stage for Blind Faith. Blind Faith is a powerful music buffet confronting religion, society, consumerism, and pyromania. Blind Faith is the 3rd release from 49 Stories, and an instant sensation. 49 Stories serves up real life subject matter that is easily appreciated, never dull, and close to home in the hearts of fans. No blingism, and water downed lyrics, 49 Stories never disappoints on Blind Faith.

Blind Faith begins with a gem entitled “The First 49 Story” which serves as an introduction track. Fans are easily put on edge with “The First 49 Story”. Blind Faith continues to delight with heavy weight tracks such as “A Brighter Future”, and “Arms Bend”. With each song that passes its evident 49 Stories is incredible, dishing out witty, thought provoking, and well laid rhymes that excite fans with every word. Both lyricists posses electrifying flow, and intensity. “Hardcore” is Blind Faiths fourth, and most standout track. All of the songs on the album are high quality, and close to the same caliber; however, “Hardcore” is a track that would stand out in any album. 49 Stories heavily rattle the ear drums of fans with some of the best lyrics you’ve never heard. The beat, like all others on the album, is captivating, powerful, and commanding. The album continues to pound listeners with incredible music from beginning to end. One of the most poetic, thought provoking rhymes ever released is song number 5, titled “Hourglass”. The beat is magnificent, and the lyrics are unbelievable.

Blind Faith serves up 19 tracks, 78 minutes of non stop music, impressive beats, lyrics, and cameo appearances from highly talented artists such as Sentence, Makeshift Gods, DJ Thought, Sweet Nectar, and Effort. All of the featured artists contribute equally to the explosive nature of the album, and are released under VoiceBox Records along with 49 Stories. A prominent strong point of Blind Faith is that the lyrics and subject matter easily relate to fans on all levels. The words and rhymes are very refreshing.

49 Stories, and their release, Blind Faith, provide fans with many reasons to be impressed. Blind Faith is an album featuring 19 tracks, 78 minutes of most incredible beats, and lyrics, including stellar guest performances. One of the best albums to be released over the past year, an album to loop in heavy rotation and to grab for any fans collection.

Track Listing:

1. The First 49 Story

2. A Brighter Future

3. Arms Bend

4. Hardcore

5. Hourglass

6. Imagination

7. Yesterday

8. Fake Pain

9. Hypochondriac (ft. Sentence)

10. Back Breaks

11. Together… (ft. Makeshift Goods, DJ Thought, & Sweet Nectar)

12. So Many Kids?

13. Cultural Difference (ft. Effort)

14. Drop The Drums

15. Ratfood For Matthews

16. City Block

17. Escape

18. Organ Grinder (ft. Sweet Nectar)

19. Winter Weeks

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