Matt Mackey III Crushes the Competition

Matt Mackey III also goes by Fatal in some circles, but no matter the moniker, the music remains great. Hailing from North Carolina, he creates music that’s ready for the mainstream like yesterday. “If I Kill Krew & Fatal” is a smooth hip hop song that plays like an R&B song. The beat isn’t overpowering at all, the hook lends itself to let the song come across as a radio ready hit. “Single’s Anthem” is the perfect anthem for the obvious lone wolves out there who are okay with their relationship status. When you listen to artists like Chris Brown and Jason Derulo, you hear this great blend of urban flare and pop. That’s what you get with Matt Mackey, especially with “Shy Game” and “Temporary.” So if you like those artists you are heavily encouraged to check out Matt Mackey III. (

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