d-kill-reviewA D-kill call Pennsylvania home and brings his hobbies to the forefront of his rhymes all the time. “Kush” pays homage to the weed culture, while “Stuck in the Game” turns emotional at the start. It’s got this classical vibe to it until the rap kicks in. The production could be better, but that’s the only note to say there. “I’m Hi” is another song that pays homage to a hobby D-kill is very proud of — herbal refreshments. Only this one sounds more like a love song thanks to the R&B music in the background. “Cash” sounds a bit dark due to the delivery. The vocals aren’t hype, but a little damp. The basic lesson is that “cash ruins everything.” If you like hip hop served with a bit of 420 madness, check out D-kill now. (https://www.jango.com/music/D+kill?l=0)

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