Lil-Mayhem Walks the Extra Mile

lil-mayhem-reviewLil-Mayhem is a 24-year-old emcee from Texas who’s now calling Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home. “Nature” is a neo-soul delight that takes huge hip hop turn. “Miami Vice” has the rhymes but the best part of is if that there are actual vocals involved and the rapping doesn’t override it. They play well together. “I Gotta” is fresh while “Off Tha Liquor” brings the energy and sounds like a radio ready single. Speaking off, he also offers a remix of the Owl City “Fireflies” track. He remixes the hook and adds his sense of style taking the pop hit into a hip hop piece. If you’re into young emcees working extra to make their presence known, check out Lil-Mayhem. (

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