Craig C-Rocz Fletcher Blends Well

craig-c-rocz-fletcher-reviewCraig C-Rocz Fletcher is an emcee that’s either rhyming about love, or he’s not. “Take Me There” is like a fine tuned machine with R&B and rhymes intertwined into a love song. Things get different by the time “Bruce Lee” comes around. It’s not so much about love as it is about building one’s ego and telling it like it is. It’s back to romancing the ladies with “What You Wearing.” Playing on a woman’s love of attention to detail and affection, this song is destined to be a panty dropper. “Breakfast Time Freestyle” isn’t one that’ll change your life, but it’s a funny one that’s fun to rap along to. Who doesn’t want to spit out some lines about cereal and French Toast? Going back and forth between those about girls and those that aren’t, “Looking For Me” is about the ladies but it’s not as romantic as the rest as far as the background music goes. You wouldn’t hear this one on the surface and think about love. You have to listen closely for that. If you like love in your hip hop, check out Craig C-Rocz Fletcher, but you can also check what he has going on if you don’t — because he can rhyme about that stuff too. (

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