Matata Rae – A Cry For Freedom

Matata Rae - A Cry For Freedom

“Matata Rae brings pure talent to the table, expressing a hard hitting passion for the hip hop vibe through continually appeasing banger’s that effortlessly knock fans out for the count. A Cry For Freedom features nothing less than exactly perfect beats, vibes, and rhymes. The production work is equally stellar complimenting the hard impact of Matata Rae’s music. A Cry for Freedom is an album fans need to tune into in fear of missing incredible hip hop music done right by one of the most talented up and risers.”

Matata Rae’s lyrical technic, style, and delivery is second to none, mastered, and laid in fine tune over high octane beats that pack high octane punch. Never dull for a moment the 14 hot tracks featured on A Cry for Freedom excite fans. Best described, music not only to be heard, but felt hard. Matata’s articulation releases pure heat, full of energy, and intensity. The album, the music, and the artist achieve a original, diverse atmosphere without sounding out of touch with what’s hot. A Cry For Freedom features many live wire gems destine to climb charts, spin heads, and catch attention. The quality and presentation of the album is the highest, definitely done right in all aspects, major respect out to the designer and photographer Edgardo Davila.

One of the albums most notable joints is “Give it Up” which features some rhythm from a popular secret agent theme, a top notch beat, and highly explosive lyrics. Incredibly fashioned track that defines Matana Rae’s stance amongst the rest of the pack. The album features so many hot tracks, all achieving a stellar quality that its difficult to truly identify which songs are the albums leaders. In “Nothing To Mata” Matata Rae spins some incredibly well laid lyrics that dazzle fans with style, and delivery. There is no disappointment with the music this album presents, except for the fact that this album ends at 53 minutes and 49 seconds leaving fans craving more. “Oh No” continues to display Matata’s diversity with a more mellow joint that the laid back loungers can dig deep into with ease, yet still the club type, wild fans appreciate the track in full. The presence of the female voice in the background / chorus is a nicely added touch, that is a soft delight. “Peace & Love” is another stellar song that fans can really grasp. Exceptional production, strong lyrics, and a banging beat set this one as hot. “Bayboy” features another groove most fans recognize because you’ve heard the old school tune before, but not quite in Matata’s hip hop version, which is fresh off the hook done proper. The album ends with “Just Laugh” which is another hot joint, this time packing a more personal story that fans can easily relate to, and recognize. 14 songs, all pure heat that put most commercial artists to shame. Released under Musashi Entertainment.

Bottom line, Matata Rae is a name fans will recognize in the music industry. Extremely talented, backed with a talented team, creating hot hip hop music for fans to enjoy. Music doesn’t get much better; therefore, fans need to tune into “A Cry For Freedom”, as there are no disappointments with the album, one in which can easily be deemed one of the best albums heard in a hot minute.

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