7L & Esoteric – A New Dope

7L & Esoteric - A New Dope

7L & Esoteric are renowned for creating some of the freshest hip hop music available to fans. A New Dope is unique, powerful and creative. The music is packed with interesting sounds that easily penetrate fans to bring them to an elevated level. It’s with tracks such as “3 Minute Classic” and “Perfect Person” that fans get smacked with two of the most creative & realistic tracks they’ll surely hear on any album this year. Beside the intense, magnificent beats, the on point production and the shining lyrics is the real subject matter that blossoms thoughts in a crowd like Miracle Grow in a rose garden. 7L & Esoteric truly shine with “A New Dope”. Fans need to put down the pipe, run to the store and get their fix with this.

The best tracks on the album are “3 Minute Classic” and “Perfect Person”. There are other high profile tracks which include “Play Dumb” & “Daisycutta” featuring Kool Keith and not to be forgotten “Girls Gone Wild (Then & Now). “3 Minute Classic” is one of the most interestingly unique tracks ever forged. Featuring an abrasively pounding beat that serves as the backbone to some incredibly raw lyrics listeners are struck with a subtle, nostalgic feeling as they crack some chuckles brought by the witty lyrics. Upon a few listens fans will be thinking “me so horny” as the sample of the women’s voice is sure to get fans excited – literally. The Hercules cuts are refreshing as they are laid into the mix. “Perfect Person” is one of those tracks that spell out every thought every person in a relationship is feeling. Its beat is absolutely dazzling and the lyrics are stacked with realism. This is a witty, well written song that most fans will easily relate to and praise. The change ups & cuts are equally refreshing.

Some songs may drown out listeners with too much creativity and abrasiveness. The diversity that exists in some of the tracks is as flavorful as a medium 20 oz New York Sirloin but can be equally as hard to digest for some. However, there are fifteen plus one tracks featured on “A New Dope”, approximately 51 minutes of music and some of the best beats & lyrics fans need to hear; therefore, “A New Dope” is a gem for any deck to spin. “A New Dope” breaks boundaries and reaches new plateaus. These are Plateau’s that fans want to be on and bounders that fans are screaming to be broken.

This is a fantastically fresh album that delivers a level of uniqueness not yet possessed by any album released to date. “A New Dope” is the type of album that coined the term “Heavy Rotation”. “A New Dope” by 7L & Esoteric is highly recommended listening.

Track Listing:

1. Get Dumb

2. Everywhere

3. Feel the Velvet

4. 3 Minute Classic

5. Daisycutta

6. Eso Ain’t Shit

7. Dunks Are Live, Dunks Are Dead

8. A.O.S.O.

9. Cemetery

10. Reggie Lewis Is Watching

11. Girls Gone Wild (Then & Now)

12. Most

13. Take Note

14. Perfect Person

15. Play Dumb

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