Marshall Tha Man (MTM)

Sawmill, Az — Marshall Tha Man, an inspiring artist out of the Navajo Reservation, is a hard working entrepreneur who also has his own clothing line (MTM Printz).

Marshall has upcoming shows in Farmington, New Mexico(July 1st) and Mesa, Az(July 20th) and is still booking more. With new music dropping every other day, the hype is growing and Marshall is just getting started.

“I love the energy you have on stage, it’s inspiring” -A fan after a performance after the Shiprock Fair

“You seem like an interesting person, you’re always smiling and laughing every time I see you and people like to be around you.”

Marshall lives in a remote area where the population is small.

Marshall helps raise his siblings due to the tragedy of both parents passing.

All in all, Marshall is a very friendly, happy, inspiring, hard working person. Music is his therapy and takes him to a place where he can clear his mind and have fun while doing so.

Feel free to take a listen to my music on all major platforms and allow it to tell you about me in a different way.




The music Marshall creates is about the fun, rising above the hatred, and the lifestyle that he lives and/or has lived before. Every lyric in the music he has created is all true facts.


Marshall Tha Man
Name: Marshall Tha Man
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9282067661




Source: ArtistPR

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