Ohio’s newest and up and coming star “S.A.I.N.T”! An Rap/Hiphop/R&B artist has recently been reaching millions of streams and people with his versatility in mainstream and underground mixture of music! Being played globally and signed to BeatRoot Music he’s an artist you don’t want to miss or discredit!

Akron, Oh

Touching millions of people with his own unique style “S.A.I.N.T” is one artist to look out for! Hiphop at its finest, Rapping to the roots and current, and R&B for the ladies! S.A.I.N.T is the guy you should be listening to at the moment!

6 million streams within 30 days who else is really doing those numbers at a high level! He’s an artist you should be listening to often with his mainstream rap and mixture of R&B he can touch you in so many ways. If you are interested into artist like Drake, Lil Wayne, and others he’s the one! You can find S.A.I.N.T on all platforms even the radio!

“Music that touches my spirit in so many ways” says fans

“The closet thing to the superstars we love now” says radio personalities


S.A.I.N.T is on all platforms you can name. Numbers don’t lie and people are catching on quick to this up and coming star!

If you haven’t checked S.A.I.N.T out you’re doing yourself a disservice. Versatility in every aspect it’s truly a blessing to have an artist like himself!

S.A.I.N.T is on all platforms and social media @IAmSaintSoul




Hiphop at the core root of expression and meaning. Rap that makes you dance or feel the vibes you’ve been looking for. Also R&B that takes you away. S.A.I.N.T fulfills every mood you can think of and takes you to a place where you are safe!


Name: Shawn
Address: 447 northeast ave, Akron, Oh
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3307744990


Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/IAmSaintSoul/?ref=bookmarks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsaintsoul
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Twitter.com/IAmSaintSoul
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@s.a.i.n.t
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Vy7oVlgCq32FHQptHcb4B


Source: ArtistPR

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