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Introducing “Who Is Jocka”: A Captivating E.P. Unveiling the Dynamic Talent of a Prolific Artist

June 9, 2023 – With a remarkable streak of creativity, the enigmatic artist known as Jocka has released their highly anticipated E.P., aptly titled “Who Is Jocka.” This latest project marks Jocka’s fourth release in just two years, solidifying their position as a rising force in the music industry. Offering a captivating blend of genres and thought-provoking lyrics, “Who Is Jocka” invites listeners on an immersive sonic journey that showcases the unparalleled talent of this multifaceted artist.


“Who Is Jocka”: A Versatile and Emotionally Charged E.P. Giving Voice to the Struggles and Triumphs of an Englewood Native

June 9, 2023 – Jocka, hailing from the challenging neighborhood of Englewood, (A neighborhood in the Chicago’s south side)presents a compelling narrative in their latest E.P., “Who Is Jocka.” With deep-rooted motivations and an unwavering sense of responsibility, Jocka’s music resonates as a testament to the sacrifices made by their predecessors and the community that shaped them. This highly anticipated release features a diverse range of musical styles, poignant storytelling, and a powerful blend of emotions that both enlighten and provide solace. Available now, “Who Is Jocka” can be accessed for a transformative listening experience. Available on all platforms.

“Red bottoms in Corvette. She don’t sweat she don’t like that and she don’t give me no whore vibes.  we meet up at courtside rockin designer shit ain’t drop yet” (Bars from “Back and Forth” from E.P. Who Is Jocka!

Be on the lookout this year for new project from AYA Money/ AYA Jocka early August ‼️ #AYA

With this being the second album produced by empire distribution jocka is looking to take a big stand this year and years off on. Performance date will be posted on the website. Merch will be posted on the website. All Year Around Entertainment is the Label‼️

“Who Is Jocka”: Experience the Music and Discover the Artistry on All Major Platforms

June 9, 2023 – Jocka, the talented artist behind the captivating E.P. “Who Is Jocka,” invites music enthusiasts to explore their incredible body of work, available on all major platforms and media outlets. With a versatile style and profound storytelling, Jocka’s music resonates with audiences seeking emotional depth and inspiration. From thought-provoking tracks to infectious beats, listeners can immerse themselves in Jocka’s artistry and download a free track or support the artist by purchasing the album. Discover more about Jocka and their music by visiting their official website.




“Who Is Jocka”: A Versatile and Innovative Artist Redefining the Music Industry

June 9, 2023 – Jocka, an artist with an unparalleled creative flair, continuously pushes the boundaries of music with their unique style and multifaceted talents. From their diverse cadences, captivating tones, and harmonies to their ability to effortlessly transition between full-fledged rap and new wave rap singing, Jocka consistently delivers a fresh and exciting sound. Collaborating with remarkable talents like Marc J, Doshis, AYA Money, Freshoph, and many others, Jocka thrives in the company of exceptional artists who share their passion for pushing artistic boundaries.

Jocka’s music defies categorization, blending elements from various genres to create a captivating fusion that resonates with audiences seeking innovative and thought-provoking tracks. With an innate ability to make industry music seem effortless, Jocka leaves a lasting impression with each release, offering listeners a new and invigorating experience every time.

About Jocka: Jocka is an artist known for their versatile and unique style, encompassing a range of cadences, tones, harmonies, and genre-blending techniques. From impactful rap verses to melodic singing, Jocka’s music captivates listeners with its innovative approach and authentic expression. Collaborating with a diverse array of talented artists, Jocka continues to redefine the music industry and leave a lasting impact on the contemporary music scene.


A.Y.A. Jocka
Name: A.Y.A. Jocka (All Year Around Jocka)
Address: 1457 Meridian Ave apt 204, Miami Beach, Mia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7028494072




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