MaC Dee ReviewMaC Dee’s “Kim” starts with a traditional intro and then goes into “What?” featuring Noble. It doesn’t have a traditional flow to it. The rhymes come out in this unstructured manner but it works. As the chorus rolls through, it’s like a mixture of monologues and music. With “On U” we get a bit of a funky meets R&B vibe with the music and because of that, the words come through in a finer manner than the last. The title kind of makes you expect it, but MaC Dee and Vanhook’s “Magical Woman” does have this magical touch in the beats used. Almost a throwback to ’90s R&B for a second. Don’t adjust the volume when “Understand (Karma In Magnitude)” comes into play. It will start soon enough and when it does, you’ll have one of the best on “Kim.” In the end “Keep It Movin'” caps off the record with a ’70s feel that MaC Dee makes come full circle back to the present day with his delivery. If you’re a fan of hip hop that plays well with classic R&B, check out MaC Dee’s “Kim,” out now. (

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