Iceolated: Confidential Evidence 2

Iceolated ReviewYoung G aka Iceolated dropped a new mixtape called “Confidential Evidence 2” and it’s as dope as could be. Right out the gate Iceolated does it up with “G Thang.” Sampling one of Eminem’s best, “What You Done To Be” pays homage to the classic with the beat and the aggression in the delivery is on point as well. You can hear that the emcee is passionate about every word he spits out. With “Pretty Boy Swag” I was expecting a lighter tone, but instead that same angry vibe is going on.  Then with “My Best Friend” the tide changes with the music at least. All in all “Confidential Evidence 2” is a record that does not lack in the passion department. Iceolated is an emcee with a mission and he’s clear with it. Check him out now if you’re a fan of artists like Machine Gun Kelly. (

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