M.O.O.D Till I Die Music: Pay Me In Gold


M.O.O.D Till I Die Music’s “Pay Me In Gold” is a hip hop record that has songs that are clear cut hip hop like “She Wan Me” and “Where’s My Deal,” but it also has one or so that are completely out of left field. “Who Am I (Intro)” kicks things off well, and the record only continues to get better and you get into “Take You There.” It has a hype beat that gets you pumped for the rest of the album. “Rebels” is like an experimental take on hip hop. The word “rebel” is repeated throughout like it’s calling out for help while the rest of the lyrics are spit out like nothing else is going on in the background. It’s a different approach that really works out. If you’re into hip hop that plays it like the rest, but takes some chances, check out M.O.O.D Till I Die Music’s “Pay Me In Gold.” (https://soundcloud.com/m-o-o-d-till-i-die/sets/pay-me-in-gold)

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