Bigga Man Does It Big Down South

bigga-man-reviewBigga Man is a MC who comes straight from Albany…Georgia who has been playing in the rap game since he was 16-years-old. Now he’s older, wiser and ready to take on the world. “Straight Drop Cash” runs out of the gate without any wait time. He gets right to thinks and doesn’t mess around. “All By My Lonely” takes it down one notch but it’s still a fierce song that plays on Bigga Man’s strengths. “Divorce Party” could be the next anthem of a lot of people out there. With many marriages ending with divorce, this could be the song that comforts those going through that. “Before I Go” helps you see that Bigga Man isn’t all about the speed in his pace, but can slow it down so much so that you can just ease on down the road with this one. If you’re into hip hop check out Bigga Man. (

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