What’s the science behind your name? Or Is there


— actually there is no real history or anything

behind it. the name was kinda just tossed around for

awhile, and then next thing you know it stuck

What do you think of Mainstream Hip Hop?

— I have no

problems with the mainstream at all, there is plenty

of room for them to do their thing, i mean, just as

long as there’s still room for me to do mine, its

gonna be cool. shit, if the mainstream wasn’t around,

what would the underground frown upon.

How was your upbringing?

— I had a basically normal

childhood, which was regulated by reading comics and


What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

— i

think it was the freedom to say whatever the fuck you

wanted to. I mean hiphop has so many different sounds

and styles that can be worked it. Its not a confining

genre of music

What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

— im

really feeling stuff like Aesop Rock and Josh

Martinez, i also love shit like bjork and radiohead.

How would you describe your music?

— well, its funny

cuz its hard to say, i got shit like the stuff on

‘slamfactor’ which is more your raw type of hip hop.

and then i got shit like my solo ep, ‘internal’ which

is more experimental and sample heavy. so its hard to

describe it as a whole.

How would you describe yourself?

— i would say im just

a normal kid that has an odd obsession with music.

What are your future musical plans?

— well right now

i am currently working on a new solo album, all the

production will be done by myself,and will feature a

few other artists that ive done music with.

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your

personal favorite, and why?

— thats a hard one to

answer, im not normally happy with the stuff i make

after its released, because by the time it comes out,

ive already moved on to do something else thats three

times better. but if i had to choose anything, i think

that a song called “amends” off ‘internal’ is one my

favorite tracks ive done, just because it deals with

an important period in my life and truly expresses

what i was feeling at that moment of time.

Where can fans listen to some of your music?

— Of

course you can check my music from ‘Slamfactor’ on

DJSWINDLE.com, on this dope ass virtual turntable

thing they got goin on that site. you can also check

my ep, ‘internal’ on hiphopinfinity.com, and my seven

inch ‘lust for the stars’ on sandboxautomatic.com.

Have you ever rocked events, if so, what was your

favorite event you rocked?

— i think that this huge

RobOne benefit show that this store Below the Surface

threw a while back was the dopest show ive been a part

of. It was just dope on the strength that a lot of

good artists were apart of it like, anticon, kanser,

evs, westcoast workforce, and a bunch of other acts

performed as well. And plus it had a really good vibe

about it

Have you ever found Jesus?– i was born a catholic,

but that sort of fell threw when i got in high school.

How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip

hop, and you? Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art, culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?–i’ve been rhyming for about two

years now, and to me its just been a creative outlet

that seems to be coming a bit natural for me. hip hop

is dope because you can do so many things with it. hip

hop as a music is limitless. i mean, just look at the

diversity within all the groups that are out there.

Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by?

Any song lyrics ever touched you?– hmmm…. words to live by…..not

really anything specific, ive heard a lot of good

songs and its close to impossible to pick just one.

Can you tell us more about your track “vs”?–“vs” was

an incredible concept that swindle had and approached

me with. i knew that in order for the song to work,

the interation with me and the beat had to be

seemless. we worked long and hard to make it seem like

a somewhat fluid arguement. i mean… i think it

worked, swindle is the king of production techniques.

What is your favorite track featured on

“SlamFactor”? And Why?– i think that it would have

to be “obstacle course”, because it is one of those

songs where there listener dosent really have to

interpret or anylize anything, they can just sit down

and listen to the story thats being told.

In your opinion what is the concept behind

“SlamFactor”? Or is there one? Please feel free to single out, and mention individual songs.– actually there was a concept

behind it. we wanted to create a raw hiphop album

which was cohesive and easy to get with. i wanted to

make some music that i normally wouldnt make on my

own, so i went in and did the album in a different

mind state. and i definately feel ‘slamfactor’ has its

own destict mood to it.

Some of the tracks on “SlamFactor” are aggressive,

do they parallel your personal character traits? Do you put a piece of you in each song you create? — its funny, cuz im not an aggressive person at heart but for some reason i do a lot of

aggressive tracks, its probably cuz rap is the only

true form of therapy i got goin for myself.- i always

put a piece of myself in every song, some more than

others, but i always try to give it all i got.

Tell us more about Swindle Entertainment? Are you

happy with your label, and do you see yourself with them for the long run?–Swindle Entertainment is a budding hip hop label

thats doin it all, they got clothing, music, movies,

and even brooklyn’s finest, “peanut chews”. I am

actually not on the label, swindle approached me to do

this project,”slamfactor”, and it was a chance for me

to go out and try something new for myself, so i had

no problem agreeing. as for the future, i think that

the label will grow into something huge. their

upcoming releases will prove that they only specialize

in dope music.

Do you have any player haters? Or any words you would like to make to player haters who frown on your music? Or is there any?-

not really, i try not to get into the politics involved in hip hop. i dont think that politics help this music move foward.

As an independent artist, how do you find the music

industry? What resources online have lent their support to you, and your music?– the music industry is an odd place,

everybody has an opinion about something, and for an

artist to survive you truly got to stick with the art

and not let the critisism get to you. the industry

weeds out egos like there is no tommorrow.–in terms

of online resources, of course you guys have been a

huge support, im truly grateful. Also

hiphopinfinty.com has helped out a lot, along with

belowsurface.com and truehiphop.com. i think dot coms


DJ Swindle definitely added a lot of flavor to “SlamFactor”, any special props you would like to give him? Or would you like to comment on your working relationship? Do you have any shot outs you would like make?–DJ Swindle is a fucking production

genious that guy is an amazing producer. He’s one of

the few people that sees music visually and because of

that he can pretty much achieve anything he wants to

do. that to me is dope. He’s also a very easy producer

to work with, he doesn’t have that idea of “this is my

beat and im not changing it for no one”, he has a very

open mind towards the input of the emcee, and thats

hard to come by.– much respect to everyone ive worked

with, and thanks for the love and support people have

shown me.

Interview By DaHipHopPlace.Com

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