Kameil Madison

Is Kameil Madison your real name? If so, how come you

went with your real name as oppose to an ever so

popular nickname, and, or alias?

No, Kameil Madison isn’t my real name! It isn’t my

real name, but it’s kind of more personal oppose to

just a one word name or symbol! It’s kind of Charlie

Baltimore or Missy Elliott.

What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?

I used to sing, but I realized that singing wasn’t a

true talent of mine. I wanted to do something else in

the music industry and I didn’t want it to be behind

the scenes, so I figured rapping would be good!

What other hip hop groups do you listen to?

I listen to artists like Cha Cha, Lil’ Kim, Rasheeda,

Ludacris, Olivia, Angie Martinez, Missy Elliott, and

many others!

How would you describe your music?

To me, my music is original. I have my own style, but

it’s still in the mainstream arena.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a very laid back person. I’m not all into

everything. I kind of sit back, watch, listen, and


What are your future musical plans?

I plan to do some big things with my producer, DX The

Flex. We definitely intend to hit the industry hard.

My rhymes and his hot tracks, we’re definitely going

to do some big things.

Out of the songs you’ve created, what is your personal

favorite, and why?

My favorite track would have to be “Dear Mommy”, which

is definitely a dedication to my mom. My mom is my

best friend and I love her more than anything or

anyone in the world.

Tell us about your track, Shorty Let Me Be. What do

you think fans will get out of it? In your

own words what’s it about?

Shorty Let Me Be is just kind of like a new anthem for

all of us females. No hating intended for on the

guys, but it’s just how some guys can get from a

females point of view. The song is about a female,

who would just like to party at the club one

particular night without a certain kind of guy hangin’

on to her!

Where can fans listen to some of your music?

Fans can listen to “Shorty Let Me Be” at:

www.mp3.com/kameilmadison. They can also go to my

site at: kameil.houseoftreez.com or


Has mp3.com been a good resource for you to get your

music out there?

Mp3.com has been a very good resource!

Are there any other online resources out there that

you’ve found to be useful?

Well, this site of course! This site is hot for

unsigned and independent artists.

Do you have an album? Or label? If so, tell us more,

and if not, are they in the works?

My producer, DX The Flex is starting “House Of Treez

Entertainment” so that is definitely where I’m holding

it down. Representin’ with DX to the fullest! And

yes, my album will be done soon! It will be ready

around July or August!

How long have you been rhyming? How do you see hip

hop, and you? Do you see Hip Hop as a religion, art,

culture, a career, job, or just a hobby?

I’ve been rhyming for about 4 years, but I’m just now

in the mainstream league. I see hip hop and I as one.

This is my life! I see hip hop as everything

depending on the time!

Do you have any hip hop quotables that you live by?

Any song lyrics ever touched you?

It’s A Chic’s World!

Cha Cha says it all in just that line. We have what

every man wants, so why get played, when we can play.

Step up and be a Bad A** Broad!

Do you have any last words you would like to make?

I just want to thank DX and let him know that he is

the hottest producer on the planet. We’re going to

ride this game until the end because it’s our time to

shine. I want to also thank everyone who’s been

e-mailing me about my music. You’re all very

important to the process of starting my career. The

e-mails are very helpful and sweet! So, Thank you!

Do you have any shot outs you would like to make? Any

other artists, friends, or family you

would like to mention who have given you support?

I definitely have to give a shout out to my mom. I

love you and thank you so much. Thank you to DX again.

It’s getting ready to happen!

Interview By DaHipHopPlace.Com

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