Lady Queet ReviewLady Queet’s “No Makeup” mixtape is chalked full of hype tracks. “New Money” is a great way to start out the mixtape. It really sets the tone for the rest of it – one that’s lined with fine things. Then we get to “Stop Hatin” and the beat seems the same as before. It’s a very energetic time with Lady Queet. “Do It For Da Camera” lays it out of why this emcee does her thing – for the camera. This one has a good beat but it’s not as strong as the previous. “B.L.B. (Body Like Buffy)” sounds like one of those songs that catch on like a cold and you can’t shake it. We’re going to round this out with that and leave you with the notion that if you’re looking for a female emcee who does her thing on her own then Lady Queet is the one you’ve been on the hunt for. So get in tune and check her out now. (

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