Pretty Blaxx Works it Out Right

Pretty Blaxx ReviewPretty Blaxx starts one way but then flips the script and does it up. “Put Your Hands Up” starts out cool and then when he comes in it sounds a little manic but at the same time composed. The vocals remind me a little of Eminem in “Stan” while the music is demure. We go a completely different route with “Move to the Dance Floor.” It’s a club anthem in the making. Definitely a different side of the artist shines here. With “If You Love It” we keep up that energy and things don’t stop. “Get It Lit” sounds like a fun time and it is. So it appears that first track was just a base to hop off and the rest of Pretty Blaxx’s music is definitely geared towards those who like their hip hop hype. If that’s you, check out Pretty Blaxx now. (

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