Konscience Speaks the Truth

Over in Virginia sits a true emcee that goes by the name Konscience. “1 Path” is a real track. It spits the truth and has a great flow to it. It’s about the reality of Konscience’s life and what he’s all about and the path he’s on. He gets a little lose with “Fiya.” While it’s a little lighter than the last, it still has a serious overtone in the lyrics. If you need a pick me up then listen to “Believe.” The positivity flows from the speakers through the air and straight into you. Rounding things out for Konscience is “Worlds Most Dangerous.” It remains like the others; real. There are no gimmicks with Konscience’s style and that’s why it’s to be respected. If you’re into credible hip hop that speaks with honesty, check him out today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/KonscienceK)

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