J Kilo: “Lazy Bitchez”

J Kilo is one scary emcee. “Lazy Bitchez” featuring Loco K. starts off pretty intimidating and that doesn’t let up until it’s over and done with. It’s not a feel good song, that’s for show. It has a lot of muscle behind it and isn’t to be taken lightly. If you are indeed one of those lazy bitches, you might not want this as your personal anthem because it’s not talking about you in a positive light. J Kilo and Loco K. come across like pitbulls in this fierce track, ready to attack whoever sits in their way to the top. Check out J Kilo’s intimidation today. (https://soundcloud.com/str8ballinpromotions/lazy-bitchez-by-j-kilo-k-loco-k-ent)

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