Kollab Collaborate the Right Way

It makes sense for Kollab to be a collaboration of talented folks. Three men make up Kollab though; G.L., Budda and Stak. The Nashville, TN trio are into making music that is both entertaining and true to hip hop. All their songs have a cool appeal to them. If they were clothing, they would be the style that never goes out. “Speak My Language” has a feminine touch in the hook, and that is what makes the song pop overall. They should add her to more. “Hello” was a soft approach, but it paid off. Out of all the songs I heard from Kollab, “Hello” was one I never wanted to say goodbye to. “Turn It Up” was reminiscent of something Ray J would put out; radio ready and full of a good time. Then there is the unconventional “My Lighter.” Anyone who smokes (whatever it may be) will love this song. It verges on novelty, but you cannot help but relate if you have ever had someone take your lighter. This track stands out for being different and makes a lasting impression. Kollab is three minds transformed into one voice that speaks for hip hop on all levels. Check out Kollab before you do anything else today, and enjoy. (https://www.reverbnation.com/kollab)

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