Empress Freedom Impresses

Empress Freedom ImpressesIt’s likely because I too check the “female” box when filling out paperwork, but I definitely tend to lean towards female MCs more so than dudes. There’s something refreshing about hearing a woman lay it down over beats. While there are plenty of ladies spitting rhymes, there aren’t more than men, so it’s always awesome to hear someone like Empress Freedom hit the scene. She’s fierce and about to lay down her competition with her ferocity with songs like “Pac Yo Bags” and the booty shaking anthem, “Man Taker.” One that everyone can relate to, well every woman who’s ever gotten ready – so all women, is “Jeans and Boots.” Yes, it can hard to get them on at times, but when you do you feel just right. Empress Freedom is tenacious and it shows, because who else would take on a superhero like Superman? Empress Freedom is one to watch, so watch out and keep an eye out. (https://www.reverbnation.com/pimpstyle)

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