Hennizi Da Don Takes It Nice and Slow

Hennizi Da Don Takes It Nice and SlowHenry Young AKA Hennizi Da Don hails from Brockton, Massachusetts and there he lays down his rhymes in a way that is smooth and careful. It seems like every track welcomes you in with warmth. Oh no, he’s not rapping about sunshine and rainbows, it is just his delivery is creamy –kind of reminds you of the way Biggie would get tings across to his audience. Songs like “1948” are innovative looping in real life aspects. Each track comes across easy and the pace is one that all ears can keep up with. There are not many tongue twisters as you listen to songs like “She Waz Like Nicotine” and “Baby Swing My Way.” Things picked up a bit with “Pray for Me,” but it was the fusion of new and old that steals the show. “Da Love Child” seems to be the spawn of old school, 70’s soul and modern era hip hop; the result was great. If you’re into hip hop that takes its time to marinate then check out Hennizi Da Don. (