Dre Gwalla Reps the Windy City

Dre Gwalla Reps the Windy CityWelcome to the windy city where the Cubs call Wrigley Field home, Oprah reigned supreme for decades and rappers like Dre Gwalla are trying to make a name for their selves when it comes hip hop. Dre Gwalla sounds a bit like Weezy, Lil Wayne, whatever you know him as. That is apparent in the Blockbuster track, Cinemax. You get a feeling that Dre is a laid back guy when he says he does not trip in My Zone. So that is something that makes you think he would be as cool as Snoop Dogg on stage. He also is in touch with reality in Life As We Know It. In charge ladies might like I Got Bitches, but feminists might not be on board with that one. Lastly, you have to love Dre Gwalla for his vocabulary. Ever heard of a Gwap? Me either, but after a visit to Urban Dictionary, it means money. So women, not caring and dough; he’s got it all covered. So if you are into hip hop artists who do their own thing their way, but sometimes remind you of Cash Money, check out Dre Gwalla.