kaby-just-because-reviewKaby’s record “Just Because” is totally unlike anything in the hip hop realm right now and should be appreciated. “Tea Time At The Apollo” has this omnipresent start that sends chills down the spine and then the cool delivery sets in and it plays like a person who knows they have got that it factor and it goes into a sample of Mariah Carey’s “Make It Last” which was unexpected but a delight. “I Don’t Know” follows that same cool beat but this one doesn’t have as much swag as the last. You come to expect a calm demeanor from Kaby but “Crazy, Happy Times with You” sounds more like the start of a black and white foreign film with its melancholy intro, rather than a rap song. It’s quite beautiful and the difference makes you only appreciate this record more. Others in the game could learn a lot from the song structure found on “Just Because.” If you’re into hip hop that goes the extra mile and makes something worth listening, check out Kaby’s “Just Because.” (https://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2014/02/kaby-pa-lit-just-because-ep)

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