k3-reviewK3 does something with his hip hop that’ll be greatly appreciated by listeners who like something new. “Signals” starts out with this beautifully sung intro and then goes into a hip hop flow that’s just as good. “Krow” also incorporates a different genre at the start, this time an old soul song and then the music that follows still has that pace but the lyrics come a little harder than the last. By the time “Over & Over” comes through, you’re used to the way K3 lays things out. It’s nice to hear the mixture of two genres in each, while most are R&B — it’s always nice to guess how each with start. This element really makes this emcee stand out in the best way possible. Although he doesn’t do it always, like with “Let Me See It,” a majority have it going on. If you’re into creative hip hop, check ou K3 now. (https://www.hulkshare.com/iamkthree)

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