Joe Sauseda Finds His Adrian

Joe Sauseda ReviewCome next week Sylvester Stallone may very well will for his role in “Creed” as his most famous character Rocky. That comes to mind as Joe Sauseda spits out rhymes on his “Adrian.” He uses the infamous image of Rocky as he finishes the steps and it’s fitting. He says his “music is his Adrian.” And that’s a beautiful line in many ways. Creative people aren’t catered to often and often told to give up and do something more stable. Hearing only one song from this Austin emcee, it’s clear he’s making the right choice. His words come through with precision and there is skill in him. In “Forgotten” we hear that same level of goodness. He comes through laid back but he doesn’t do anything but entertain. With “This Is” he picks up the pace just a bit but he doesn’t stray from the skill set we’ve become familiar with. If you’re a fan of emcees that come at you with a realistic take on beats and rhymes, check out Joe Sauseda now. (

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